27-28 February 2018 Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

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Dr. Mohamed Hussein El Zoghbi

President, FambrasBrazil

Mohamed Hussein El Zoghbi, is Brazilian and holds the position of President at the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil – FAMBRAS, headquartered in Sao Paulo city. It is a non-profit entity and acts in religious, social, economic, and diplomatic areas, with projects that seek for the correct disclosure and demystification of Islam, for muslims and non-muslims. The entity was created in order to strengthen and unify the Muslim associations operating in the country, in order to keep committed with the causes related to the Islamic community, and interacting with international organizations, embassies of Islamic countries and with the Brazilian Government to perform projects, which can be applied to the disclosure of the Islamic religion, as well as other cultural and educational actions.

He is the executive Director of the Brazilian Islamic Center for Halal food-Cibal Halal, it is a company specialized in the audit segment, which promotes the development and the application of the concept and Halal System in Brazil. The company has a methodology which includes good manufacturing practices, checking all the raw materials related to the products, through researches, laboratory tests and guidelines according to Islamic laws. This system seeks to ensure the reliability and quality of Brazilian products to the Islamic market, creating the best paths to supervise and to ensure 100% of Halal products to muslim consumers, as well as to assist the sustainable growth of Brazilian industries in the food market.

Organized and participated as a lecturer of several courses and seminars which seek to promote the constant exchange of information, ideas and projects in the institutional, cultural relations and Brazil trade with Muslim Nations; highlighting the course 'The Islamic world: society, culture and State' made possible in a partnership between FAMBRAS and the Ministry of external relations of Brazil, in three editions (2013/2014 and 2015). These courses aim to contribute to the knowledge of the fundamentals of Islamic civilization and its insertion in the globalized world and has the participation of students who are staff members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other ministries and agencies of the Esplanade and diplomats from South American countries

Always acted in conflict mediation and human rights involving Brazilians and Muslims, highlighting the important role played in the year of 2006, with the Brazilian Government and the Foreign Ministry, by coordinating the withdrawal of 3.876 Brazilian people from Lebanon in a critical period of conflict with Israel, taking them out of the areas of greatest risk and developing a program to bring them to Brazil. It is important to emphasise that this operation was the first initiated by the Brazilian Government and the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil and with the valuable assistance of other entities and companies, with absolute success and achievement of the humanitarian objectives required on occasion.

It must be highlighted that the CIBAL and FAMBRAS, in their goals, promote the integration of Muslim immigrants when they come to Brazil, not possessing material means for survival, as well as hosting them, promoting social integration and providing decent work to POLITICAL REFUGEES who profess the Muslim faith originating from countries in conflict, especially from Africa and that who is seeking for aid and refuge at SÃO PAULO ARCHDIOCESAN CARITAS, partnership with the UNHCR, we forwards people in such conditions and promptly they are properly attended.

In relation to the numerous current social projects that participates directly include the following: KNOW the ISLAM: That makes free distribution of Islamic books in Portuguese in various places and events throughout Brazil; EMPLOYABILITY for POLITICAL REFUGEES: held in partnership between CIBAL HALAL and FAMBRAS, promoting the integration of Muslim immigrants who come to Brazil, not possessing material means for survival, welcoming, promoting social integration, training and providing decent work to who profess the Muslim faith from countries in conflict; ISLAM SOLIDARITY, partnership between de Março Institute and FAMBRAS that develops social actions that contribute directly to the development of various communities in the country, with the medical exams, like breast cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, dental examination, ophthalmic, and others.

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