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Victoria Alonsoperez

Founder and Chief Executive OfficerChipsafer

Victoria Alonsoperez, an award-winning innovator in agribusiness, will share her insights on how to improve food security through digitalisation. Her invention, Chipsafer, a platform that can track cattle remotely and autonomously, was selected by the Inter-American Development Bank as the Most Innovative Startup of Latin America and the Caribbean in 2014.

Victoria Alonsoperez is an electronics, telecommunications and electrical engineer, and an entrepreneur and inventor. In 2012 she invented Chipsafer, a patented platform to track cattle remotely and autonomously which has won numerous awards. Apart from Chipsafer, Ms Alonsoperez’s passion has always been space. She attended International Space University in France and was a teaching associate in the Space Engineering Department. From 2014 to 2016 Ms Alonsoperez chaired the Space Generation Advisory Council, a global NGO in support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications. She was also digital innovation lead at Airbus and led the creation and development of AgNeo, Airbus’s agriculture digital platform.

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