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Mikko Perez

Founder & Chief Executive OfficerAyannah
Financial Services

A trailblazer in providing digital financial services to the world’s unbanked, Mikko Perez will discuss how payment disruptors can serve the ASEAN region’s rapidly growing middle class.

Mikko Perez is founder and chief executive officer of Ayannah, an award-winning fintech startup providing affordable and accessible digital financial services to the world’s emerging middle class. Before this he was part of the founding team of Chikka, a mobile instant-messaging startup, which he helped expand into China, India, Japan and the US. Mr Perez previously worked as a private-equity investment manager in Singapore and an investment banker at J.P. Morgan in San Francisco. Having begun his career as a community organiser helping build social enterprises in rural Philippines, he remains involved in initiatives that support social entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

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