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Dr. Brian Shegar

PresidentUAE-Singapore Business Council

With a wealth of business experience spanning Asia and the Middle East, Dr. Brian Shegar is a strong proponent of greater UAE-Singapore cooperation. He will discuss the challenges the business community faces as it seeks to strengthen ties.

Dr. Brian Shegar is president of the UAE Singapore Business Council. He has extensive international banking experience, with a focus on South-East and South Asia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. His involvement in the Gulf Cooperation Council began in 2006 when he established and ran Emirates NBD Group in Asia Pacific out of Singapore. Upon retiring from Emirates NBD in 2018, Mr Shegar established ME Asia Consultancy and was elected founding president of the UAE Singapore Business Council. He is a member of the global advisory board of CASS Business School (covering the UAE and Singapore) and the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Gulf Economics, Trade and Finance.

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